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Vacancy Details

                                                          Instructional Designer - ADS

The Position Requirements
  • 1. Guide the development of ADS courses within the The Academy’s IDL framework, to meet the ADS project objectives.
  • 2. Liaise with The Academy’s ADS project team to understand the course requirements.
  • 3. In charge of the storyboard design and develop process to agree on set objectives and given job scope.
  • 4. Manage and collect input from subject matter experts and content providers for successful course creation.
  • 5. Responsible for end-product (courses), including matching the learning objectives to the storyboards while working within the given budget.
  • 6. Work within deadlines to meet projected course launches.
  • 7. Work with team members to ensure successful implementation of final course.
  • 8. Follow up to ensure stakeholder satisfaction and sustained interest
  • Bachelors in field related to education or eLearning and Instructional design
  • Any other Bachelor’s degree with demonstrable experience
  • Lesson planning and teaching specifically K-12
  • 2-5 years instructional design experience