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Vacancy Details

                                                          Analyst - Investment

The Position Requirements
  • Reports to Unit Head – Investment.
  • Review and evaluate business plans and other materials related to investment opportunities and present to the Unit Head to assist decision making.
  • Track current KFAS investments and report to all the activities to the Unit Head.
  • Identify risks and opportunities of potential investments as well as devising possible exit strategies.
  • Collect financial and investment information about companies, stocks, bonds and other investments using various reports, economic forecasts, trading volumes, financial periodicals, securities manuals, company financial statements and other financial reports and publications
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or Investment
  • 3-5 years experience in finance with an emphasis on investment
  • Experience in a funding institution of a similar size and nature is desirable
  • Kuwaiti Applicant

You’re a someone who wants to influence your own development and environment. You’re looking for an organization where you can pursue your interests across functions and programs and become a Catalyst by realizing and optimizing the impact that Science, Technology and Innovation brings to Kuwait.

You are a team player, with excellent communication and self-management skills including flexibility, adaptability, stress tolerance and follow through.